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every tiny detail we put into our chocolates and desserts we do because you are Worth Our Efforts.

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Artisan chocolates

Our chocolates are handmade in-house every morning by our talented chocolatiers. All chocolates are primarily organic and sustainably grown, ranging from bitter to sweet depending on your preference.

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Roasted nuts

Local dairy

Our chocolatiers are hard at work every morning to ensure your sweet tooth experiences only the best. We ensure our nuts are of the highest quality and are freshly roasted before incorporating them into our artisan chocolates.

We rely on our hard-working dairy farmers in Northeast Indiana to supply us with the best dairy products for our desserts and beverages. Our farmers guarantee their dairy cows have no added hormones.

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Fresh fruit

All of our fruit is sourced locally in Northeast Indiana and used fresh every day to make our delectable treats for your enjoyment. All fruit purees are made in-house with no artificial flavoring.


Place an order for your favorite BonBons, customize your box, and either have it shipped or ready for pickup quickly using our easy ordering system! Click below to check out our selection.


 Chocolatte offers an unparalleled selection of traditional and seasonal luxury artisan BonBons, each one carefully crafted to deliver a unique and delicious experience. Browse through our collections! 


Check our menu to view our selections of beverages, desserts, and artisan chocolates. We serve only the best: infused with quality ingredients and sourced by the best vendors in Northeast Indiana.

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